Night Time Diet Pills – Can You Lose Weight in Your Sleep?

NIght Time Diet Pills

It might seem unconventional to some, but night time diet pills have carved out their own little niche in the diet pill industry.

Instead of blasting your body with stimulants, these diet pills are made to reduce anxiety and help burn body fat by improving sleep quality.

Furthermore, since night time diet pills are stimulant free, they can often be taken in addition to other fat burners. This allows users to get around-the-clock weight loss support with the right kind of night time diet pills.

How Night Time Diet Pills Work

Night time diet pills are often stimulant-free fat burners, which also suppress the appetite and stoke the body’s metabolism while you sleep to burn extra calories even though your metabolism is typically running slowest during this time.

And while eating at night has a powerful circadian influence and can disrupt sleep or cause problems with blood sugar regulation, [1] taking a night time diet pill with an appetite suppressant can also help prevent snacking or binge eating before bed. What’s more, the right kind of night time diet pills allow you to get restful sleep and eliminate hunger pangs in the middle of the night.

In addition to suppressing the appetite, night time diet pills can help burn additional fat and preserve lean muscle mass with ingredients such as melatonin. Melatonin is typically used to help relaxe the body and mind to help users fall asleep faster, but it offers additional benefits indirectly linked to weight loss.

The majority of growth hormone is released at night, and sleep promoting ingredients like melatonin help maximize growth hormone output by inducing deep and restful sleep. [2]

Among the many benefits from increased growth hormone levels are a lower body fat percentage, improved cardiovascular health and it can even enhance mood. [3]

Are Night Time Diet Pills Worth It?

According to a recent survey, 83% of Americans aren’t getting adequate sleep.[4] A new study shows there is a clear link between inadequate sleep and obesity:

“…signals from the brain which control appetite regulation are impacted by experimental sleep restriction. Inadequate sleep impacts secretion of the signal hormones ghrelin, which increases appetite, and leptin, which indicates when the body is satiated. In studies, this often led to increased calorie intake without the compensating energy expenditure.” .[5]

Night time diet pills can ensure you’re getting healthy amounts of sleep to prevent hormonal changes linked to weight gain.

Night time diet pills are also worth taking for their ability to curb the appetite. Night time cravings are especially difficult to ignore when you have a fridge full of food a few feet away. Night time diet pills can also help prevent sleep disturbances if you have trouble going to bed on an empty stomach.

What To Look For In a Night Time Diet Pill

The ideal night time diet pill will feature natural sleep aids and relaxers such as valerian root and melatonin along with proven weight loss ingredients such as irvingia gabonesis and chromium, to suppress the appetite and boost your metabolism.

Night time diet pills continue to provide users with two great benefits combined in a single supplement. With the right ingredients, you can get the rest you need to lose the weight you’re looking to lose.


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